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Modern Wood Fence Designs

There are a lot of options when it comes to fencing, and Modern Wood Fence design is one of the more versatile materials. It can look both rustic and modern, depending on the design.

Wood Fence

It is important to choose a material that will suit your climate and your style preferences. Choosing a strong, durable material will help ensure that your fence lasts for years to come.

Cedar fences are a natural choice for homeowners who want a fence that is attractive and low-maintenance. Cedar is a beautiful and durable wood that can last for years, and it can be stained to give it a unique look.

When choosing a material for your fence, consider the following factors: durability, cost, maintenance and style. It is also important to select the right type of wood to suit your property.

If you are looking for a classic style of fence, western red cedar is the best option. This type of cedar is naturally resistant to rot, pests, and water, and it has a long lifespan that can easily be extended by staining the fence.

Another advantage of western red cedar is that it is less enticing to termites than many other types of wood. The oils in cedar make it more repellent to insects, which can help keep your fence free from termites and other wood-eating creatures.

In addition, western red cedar is stable and remains flat, making it a good choice for fencing. The wood’s natural tannins and resins also help prevent mold, rot and other issues that can lead to damage.

Several different kinds of fences are available in cedar wood, including split rail and plank. Both types of fences feature precise spacing between boards and create a classic look.

Modern wood fences often use butted or gapped boards, which create a sleek appearance that stands out in your yard. This style of fence can be constructed using a variety of materials, but wood is a popular choice because of its natural resistance to pests and other outdoor elements.

Staining your fence can extend its life and make it more attractive, but you should choose a quality stain product to ensure that your fence is protected against solar and water degradation. A premium stain will also help protect the wood from fading and discoloration, which can be a common problem with untreated fences.

Before staining your fence, ensure that you replace any broken pieces and hammer in any nails that are visible above the surface. You should also inspect your fence for any signs of rotting or splitting. If you notice any signs of damage, repair the fence immediately.

Redwood is a favorite for modern wood fences because it offers durability and an elegant appearance that will hold up to the harshest forces of nature. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, redwood also provides privacy, which is a popular need for many homeowners.

There are many different types of redwood fencing that you can choose from. There are some that are more affordable and easy to install, while others offer more custom options. There are even redwood fences that can be painted, stained, and sealed to achieve a more customized look.

Some of the most popular types of redwood fences include board on board, horizontal, and ranch rail. All of these fence styles are extremely durable and provide excellent privacy.

* Board on board: This style of fence is considered the work horse of the industry and is oftentimes constructed using 2x4x16 thick cut top rails along with heavy-duty Douglas fir pressure treated 2×8 kick plates to make an incredibly strong fence. The boards are spaced evenly apart and overlapping each other for a very visually appealing, yet extremely durable fence.

This type of fence also allows breezes to flow through it, so it’s great for warm weather. It also looks great in any setting, from a traditional ranch house to a modern contemporary home.

Another option for redwood fencing is a piano key style, which was originally derived from picture frame fences. This is a very custom style that will separate your fence from your neighbors and create an entirely unique look for your yard.